Our Tracks

We take pride in our tracks. Currently, we have two full-length tracks and a full-length drag strip. Each track is connected to a computerized lap timing system.

Hill Climb Slot Car Track

Well manicured hill climb banked race track built by Chris Dadds with 8 lanes reaching 165 feet in length. Battery powered.

Roadcourse Korkscrew Slot Car Track

The Korkscrew is a flat technical roadcourse track known as the Best of the West and is 95 feet in length. Battery powered.

korkscrew slot car track

1/4 Scale Slot Car Drag Strip

Test your reaction times on our drag strip which sports a beautiful tree and well kept lanes. Connected is a dedicated computer with Trackmate timing system which provide quick run results. Hasse built track, dual capacitor power supply.

Our Drag strip holds a world record pass of 151 MPH made by “Speedy”

Slot Car Racing Drag Strip