bows133Motown Raceway is owned and operated by Gene, Jennifer and their daughter Katelyn.

Gene has been an avid slot car racer and car builder for years. Before taking ownership of Motown Raceway he was often found at the track racing and helping other racers with their cars. Gene’s mission is to keep Slot Car Racing a family friendly sport that is fun for all ages.

Slot car Racing was a popular fad in the 1960’s and has continued to be a pastime for many who have stuck with the sport. Slot Car Racing is one of those hobbies many had as a child and continue to love into their adult years. On any given day at Motown Raceway there are kids and adults ages 3 to 80+ racing along side each other. It’s quite a sight to see.

Slot Car Racing is indoor, so it can be enjoyed year round.

We have rental cars and controls, so come down and give Slot Car Racing a try.

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