How Much Does Slot Car Racing Cost?

Slot Car Racing, like any other hobby, can range in cost. In my teen years, I am pretty sure any money I made working after school jobs went into racing. Hobbies can be expensive but Slot Car Racing is rather inexpensive. Compared to other extracurricular activities, an hour of Slot Car Racing is relatively cheap. If you have your own car and control, an hour of track time at Motown Raceway is $8.00 (prices may vary depending on the track). Walk in without anything and $12.00 will get you a rental car, control and an hour of track time. To properly maintain your car, you will have to occasionally replace your tires, braids and other parts as they wear out. Depending on your Slot Car, most of the parts are relatively cheap.

Competitive Slot Car Racing can cost a bit more. A race entry fee is typically around $7.50 which gets you a lot of track time for the money. A typical race will get you 30 minutes of open practice to share with the other racers and 8 heats that last about 3 to 5 minutes long.

Slot Car Drag Racing is no different. Depending on the drag car it can be relatively inexpensive but I have seem some pretty elaborate drag cars that I know have some decent money into them.

The best way to see if Slot Car Racing is for you is just to stop in and give it a try. Considering the rising costs of everything around us, Slot Car Racing is still an affordable hobby.

Stock Car Racing in Modesto

Stock Car Racing is alive and well in Modesto, Stock Car Slot Car racing that is. The weather has no effect on these Slot Cars because our track is indoors and racing is for all ages. Every Friday night is Stock Car night at Motown Raceway.

Racers start showing up around 5pm to prepare for a 30 minute practice session that starts at 6pm. At 6:30pm the cars enter tech where they are checked to make sure each car adheres to rules that are set specifically for each class. Racing starts at 7pm and often lasts until 10pm.

Each class races 8 heats which means you get to race on every lane. Our computerized track timing system counts laps and lap times. The racer with the most laps at the end of all 8 heats wins.

Stock Car Race Entries are $7.50 per class. That is a lot of track time for a small price.

The following racing classes are available:

  • B-Stock: Novice Class, great for beginners.
  • Super B: Intermediate to Advanced Racers.
  • A’s: Advanced Racers, the best of the best.

Not sure if Slot Car Stock Car Racing is for you? Come check out one of our Friday night races. You will see how fun and family oriented Slot Car racing is. Check out our calendar to see our other racing events.

Things to do with Kids in Modesto

Growing up I remember saying that there is nothing to do in Modesto. It was our main complaint. Now with kids it is important to find things for them to do in the community that we live in. Slot Car Racing is an excellent option for kids. You don’t have to own anything. You just have to enjoy racing.

There are many things in the community that kids can get involved in such as team sports but slot car racing can be done at any time regardless of weather.

Between age 3 and 5 is about the time kids have enough hand-eye coordination to give driving a slot car a try. We have rental slot cars and controllers available for a low price. See our pricing here. We even have Birthday Party packages that give kids a taste of slot car racing action with their friends. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Kids love it.

So the next time you are trying to find something to do with your kids, give Slot Car Racing a try. It’s easy and fun for the whole family!