Things to do with Kids in Modesto

Growing up I remember saying that there is nothing to do in Modesto. It was our main complaint. Now with kids it is important to find things for them to do in the community that we live in. Slot Car Racing is an excellent option for kids. You don’t have to own anything. You just have to enjoy racing.

There are many things in the community that kids can get involved in such as team sports but slot car racing can be done at any time regardless of weather.

Between age 3 and 5 is about the time kids have enough hand-eye coordination to give driving a slot car a try. We have rental slot cars and controllers available for a low price. See our pricing here. We even have Birthday Party packages that give kids a taste of slot car racing action with their friends. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Kids love it.

So the next time you are trying to find something to do with your kids, give Slot Car Racing a try. It’s easy and fun for the whole family!